Brand Positioning deck for bespoke game studio
Website for financial consultancy firm
Peille village: photography, logotype and flyer
Web and event design for Mitigram
E-books offering inspirational thought leadership
Survey magazines for MORS
Responsive website for real estate agency in Paris
Event design with Zen theme
Graphic profile for MORS
Graphic profile for collaborative banking marketplace
Website for sports performance nutrition
Brochures to help fight the anti-personnel mines
Photography for parfume boutique
Magazine for French Riviera lovers
Graphic profile and website for real estate agency
A cappella rock group campaign
New graphic profile for MORS
Photographing villas for real estate agency
Website for climbing prodigy Enzo Oddo
Yacht flyer for the MYS in Monaco
Personal Branding Strategist graphic profile
Poster for mobile advertising
Logotype and responsive website for George Kohlrieser
Hand cut flyer for internal meetings
Customised flyer
Website for an event agency in Nice
Logotype and business card for event agency
Graphic profile for event agency in Monaco
Flash website for a group of beauty salons
Branding for consultancy firm
Photography for outdoor brands
Advert for Muzicall
Assets for the mobile game industry
Exclusive print for event agenda
Graphic profile for a niche advisory business
Greeting card for Hudson
Cards for beauty salons
Graphic profile for a marketing consultant
Facebook banners
Folder for x-rays
Event design for the User Group Meeting in Monaco
Yummy posters
Real estate magazines
Invites and agendas for corporate events
Attract the hot crowd on the market
Event and meeting collateral
Creation of home page for adventurer
Invitations for StrikeAd